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The Doctor about DETOX
Nobel Prize for the discovery of ARGI+
The weight loss program involves 3 stages in which life changes radically

It lasts 4 days and involves resetting and rebalancing the body

Start your wellness journey with DX4™, a 4-day system that helps you in physical and mental reset, through a powerful combination of foods and supplements that contribute to the feeling of satiety, maintaining hydration and optimizing the way you eat

It lasts for 9 days and helps you start eliminating toxins

The C9 package represents a combination of products that make weight loss more efficient, thanks to the substances in their composition, which acts specifically on the elimination
of extra pounds.

It lasts 15 days and safely starts the active phase of body slimming

The new F15 is an advanced program for weight control, designed especially for those who want to get rid of extra pounds, build muscle mass and bring their F.I.T. adventure to the next level.

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The slimming and detox program involves the use of only natural products based on ALOE VERA

Over 20 years of collaboration with manufacturers

The manufacturer  which for almost 40 years takes care of our health, developing various programs for any age and need using natural products.

Our customers have experienced the quality

"Quality" is rule no. 1 for our company
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